I write for and about games, interactivity, and social change. I work across these spheres as Taleturn Ltd.

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real true life stories

When I went travelling I sent out occasional emails to the morgueatlarge list at topica. These can be read here.

Three trips get pages of their own, full of pictures and notes: Palestine and Israel (Easter '04), Ireland (Oct '04), and North America (Aug-Nov '05).

And this one time, at band camp, I turned my buddy Leon into a god. A strange but true story, told at the link.

RPG Things

Kiwi RPG groupblog Gametime
Personal RPG blog: Gametime_NZ

Club in Scotland: Open Roleplaying Community
- formerly Ottakars Roleplaying Club

My Best Game: Providence Summer
Supers Fun: The Go-Getters
Mountain Witch: Under The Banner
Vampires and Babysitting: Slayers East
Prime-Time Awesome: Phoenix
and also Extreme SourceBoarders
Changeling Game: small dreams
Aliens Event, 1999: Apocalypse

and finally...

free roleplaying stuff

TV Action - RPG of action/adventure TV

dREAL Lite - simple non-heroic D20
dREAL Max - hardcore non-heroic D20

Breakout Day - big weird live game
Loud and Live - adventure for Time Lord

All About Charm Person - D&D spell explored
B1 Quasqueton - old-skool D&D module
Energy Drain revised - rules tweak for D&D 3.5

Cat Demons - creatures for OGL Horror
The Weirdinators - ghosthunters for OGL Horror
The Eel Witch - creature for OGL Horror
Bearer of Wasps - creature for OGL Horror

stuff you can buy

ICONS superpowered roleplaying
by Steve Kenson, & a little bit by me

Unearthly: Cosmic Heroes
bringing the cosmic to Mutants and Masterminds

Amazing Triple Action
Issue One, Issue Two, Issue Three
a zine for Mutants and Masterminds

D&D 3.5 Spawning Pits of the Tomb Bats
old-school adventure with some fun bad guys

‘Time/Space Voyager’ in Signs & Portents issue 22
hacking OGL Horror to do ‘Doctor Who’

‘Breakdown Control’ in Signs & Portents issue 15
OGL Horror setting, going a bit mad

‘Derailed’ in Signs & Portents issue 21
an intense adventure for Breakdown Control

Speed Racer the Videogame
by Sidhe Interactive (PS2/Wii/Nintendo DS) - script

Madagascar Kartz
by Sidhe Interactive (PS3/Wii/Nintendo DS/Xbox360) - script

Hot Wheels: Battle Force 5
by Sidhe Interactive (PS3/Wii/Nintendo DS/Xbox360) - script

Notes to self. That nifty logo I made at cooltext.com. That shade of blue? That is Hex #1523D5

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